© GrapeFruit 8 Marketing Company     Call Satellite Travel (770) 412-0419 ANY TIME! But FAQ? are listed below.... Do I need a Passport if I am going on a cruise?  NO, you are porting from the United States! You will need your CERTIFIED birth certificate and valid drivers license. Do I need a Beach Towel on a cruise?  NO, Cruise to provide you with a towel, they can be found in your room. You can exchange a new daily from your room steward(s) and areas located around the pools. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TOWEL, it is a minimum $25 fee. Can I bring Wine and/or Champagne on a cruise?  Yes, you can bring one bottle of wine or champagne per person, try and remember to bring a cork opener, if not they charge $10 per bottle to open. Can I bring my phone?  SURE, BUT MAKE SURE IT IS NOT IN ROAMING, you will be charged roaming fees if you do not pay attention. Recommended: Air Plane Mode Is there Internet Access?  YES, but there is a fee to use the Internet on the Cruise Ships. How many bags can I bring?  ARE YOU READY LADIES, UNLIMITED!!!! Unlike flying, there is no bag limits, however after doing this for more than 15 years, EVERYONE over packs! Carnival does encourage to try and limit 2 bags per person. When you pack, seriously take half of it out, you will not use it, SERIOUSLY! If I am doing a Destination Wedding, and have been Married before, Do I need to bring Certified Divorce/Deceased Papers? YES!!! Can I order as many meals as I want at Dinner?  YES, you can eat as much food as you want! You can order as many meals you want at Dinner, you will gain about 5-6 pounds! ENJOY!!! Call Satellite Travel ANY TIME 770.412.0419 Frequently Asked Questions!